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Buy low, sell high, Forex, technical analysis… these are important trading terms but learning and understanding how to apply them to the markets can be overwhelming for new traders.  

Fortunately, Fred Razak, CMTrading’s Senior Trading Specialist, is here to help everyone make sense of the online trading world.   

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Each week, Razak, a veteran trader with decades of experience, shares valuable trading advice helping traders of all levels unlock their true market potential. Through weekly webinars, Razak provides valuable market insights, helping traders to unlock trading secrets.  

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From motivational messages to help you through your trading week to market analysis with expert insights, CMTrading’s Facebook Live events are available for anyone online.  

Stay tuned for a full list of upcoming Facebook Live webinars, hosted by Razak, at the end of this week.  

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Q: Why should people tune in?  

Why should people tune in to our Facebook Live events? Well, you want to stay informed. You want to know what’s going on in the markets and putting a finger on the pulse of the market will give you the edge to see what is happening right now.   

“So, for example, you want to be focused on things that are trading today. For example, there has been an asset that is not trading such as oil – yes, it’s moving but it’s not really where the action is. As a trader, you always want to be where the action is. It’s like going surfing, you don’t want to go to a flat surface ocean and expect to have a great time surfing. It’s not going to happen. You want to be in Hawaii, where the waves are 30 meters high, so you want to take advantage of those types of waves. That’s the type of market activity you’re looking for to produce the profits you’re hoping to produce.   

“Sure, a beginner should not be surfing 30-metre waves, because they must build the tolerance for it. However, in trading, you want to focus on situations and where you will benefit. So even if you’re trading smaller positions but you’re trading in a high-activity market, you’ll still be at an advantage.   

“These markets with volatility, showing a trend with some follow through and some predictability, these are the type of markets you want to be trading. How do you find these markets? Well, that’s why you want to tune into these weekly live Facebook events.”   


Q: How valuable is education in trading? 

“It’s the bedrock of trading. Anything we do in life starts with education. We can’t expect to learn to drive a car without learning the basics. Anything we do, we have to have a basic education. In trading, you have to know what terms and trends mean and how the markets interpret them. With education, you will have an edge on the market.   

“What’s great about trading is everybody has access to the same information. Nobody is smarter than you. The information is being disseminated; the information is being published to the public, giant firms, and companies. When you’re privy to market information so is everyone else. What will set you apart is the training and experience you gain with CMTrading 


Q: Can anyone benefit or are these events for veteran traders only?  

“Everyone must start from somewhere. There always must be a starting point where you put yourself in and you slowly jump into the water and get yourself acclimated to the temperature. That happens to everybody. And that’s exactly what our FB Live events are for. They’re for everybody. We focus on learning how to trade the financial markets and acclimatise to the news so that you can see patterns repeat themselves over time.   

“With education and training, you’ll be able to anticipate those patterns and take advantage of the markets. So tune in to our live events, you don’t want to miss them!”  

Check out all CMTrading’s upcoming Facebook Live events:   


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THURSDAY, JULY 28, 2022 AT 9:45 PM UTC+03  

Corporate Earnings – Amazon, Apple  





MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 2022 AT 11 AM UTC+03  

Motivational Mondays – Environment  



TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2022 AT 10 PM UTC+03  

Corporate Earnings – Paypal   



TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 2022 AT 11 AM UTC+03  

Technical Tools – Indicators  



MONDAY, AUGUST 8, 2022 AT 11 AM UTC+03  

Motivational Mondays – Triggers  



TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, 2022 AT 11 AM UTC+03  

Technical Tools – Types of Orders  




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