Fair Treatment

Treating customers fairly is a core value at CMTrading. It is the principal driving force behind our business model, rules, regulations and privacy policies . We consider treating customers fairly, not merely as a policy, but rather as a vital component ofour business.

We believe that our high quality speaks for itself. We place emphasis on high retention and hence the drive behind CMTrading is to provide our clients with the highest grade of trading services and advice. CMTrading understands the client’s needs and focuses on fair and transparent interaction. We believe in order to nurture lasting and enjoyable working relationships with our clients, we need to surpass the mere delivery of high-quality products and services.

Our Commitment to You:

Our Commitment

to You:

Transparent Communication: We ensure that CMTrading customers enjoy a transparent trading environment. All information about CMTrading products and services such as fees, rules, commissions and costs are clearly and precisely stated. We will inform you of any conflicts of interest as they are brought to our attention.

Client-oriented Service Delivery: We consider your trading preferences and risk appetite before we provide any advice or suggestions vis-à-vis a particular product, service, or transaction.

Early Warnings: We will inform you of potential upsets in the trading process and how to correct it as soon as we’re made aware of it.

Prompt Execution: We will answer your queries and execute your transactions promptly and efficiently.

Address Complaints Professionally: CMTrading has a stringent customer feedback system to ensure high-quality service delivery. By addressing your complaints professionally and promptly, we aim to provide great customer support and satisfaction.

Feedback Incorporation: We consistently ask for and incorporate your feedback.


Be as open as possible about your fiscal objectives and trading experience so that we can suggest the most appropriate product or service.

If there is confusion regarding our products and services, please get in touch and clarify it with us.

Please come forward with any suggestions or feedback that you may have, to enable us to improve our service.

If you feel that you have not been dealt with fairly, let us know.

Thank you for visiting us. We look forward to serving you soon.