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About Us

Established in 2012, we at CMTrading have come a long way. Ever since our establishment, we have managed to create our own niche in the trading industry and established ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. Our motto has always been “Founded by traders, for traders,” and that is a message we strive to convey.

Award-winning broker

We have won several awards for our performance and services in Africa and the GCC. In 2019 , we were named Africa’s best financial broker by the International Business Magazine and the GCC’s Fastest Growing Online Broker by the Global Brands Magazine.

In 2021 we were awarded the following by Global Business Review Magazine Awards:

  • Best IB program GCC 2021
  • Best Performing Broker Africa 2021

These awards validates the endless efforts we put into creating the ultimate trading environment for our clients.

Built on trust

With our branches across the globe, we ensure that our traders have access to the best educational materials and packages, state of the art trading platforms, and the most advanced trading tools this industry has to offer.

Fair treatment

Treating customers fairly is a core value at CMTrading. It is the driving force behind our business, rules and regulations. We consider treating customers fairly, not merely as a policy, but as a vital component of our business. 


All clients’ funds deposited with CMTrading are kept in segregated bank accounts. These funds are fully separated from the company’s funds. The ensures that clients’ funds cannot be used for any other purpose. 

Our Values, Your Safety

In addition to providing our traders with an unparalleled trading experience, we also aspire to maintain their safety while trading with us online. We use high level encryption algorithms and keep our clients’ funds safe in segregated accounts in leading banks in their regions. Another measure of security we apply is having our clients submit identifying documents to activate any account and protect them from identity theft online.

Our values are the perfect recipe for a successful trading experience:

  • Integrity – We enable our traders to withdraw funds quickly and easily from their accounts and are committed to providing them with a fair and transparent service.
  • Security – From high-level encryption algorithms to the safest payment methods, we aim to protect our traders and their investments from the very first step.
  • Innovation – We provide our traders with groundbreaking technological solutions in the form of leading trading platforms like Sirix and MT4, live trading signals, and advanced trading tools like CopyKat
  • Success – Thanks to our comprehensive educational library, customized educational packages, daily market updates, professional webinars, and unique trading tools such as the Guardian Angel, CMTrading is constantly innovating to provide you with tools you need to succeed.

Enjoy our unique approach to online trading when you open a live account with us!