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Economic Calendar

Want to know which economic events will rock the financial world before they happen? CMTrading’s Economic Calendar features major events that can affect financial markets. Skilled traders follow these events and plan their trades based the events. You’ll be able to monitor market volatilities, monetary policy announcements and economic indicators as they happen.

Importance of Economic Calendar

Movements in the financial market always coincide with news of major events. It is important to know how to read the economic calendar to evaluate the effects announcements may have on an individual sector of the market. CMTrading’s economic calendar is displayed as a chart showing the days, weeks and months of a particular year. Each day lists several market-moving events in chronological order, giving investors time to research and anticipate a specific release.

Here are three important guidelines:

Guideline 1

Good or bad news – they both will affect the economy.


Guideline 2

Not all events are equal – some announcements will cause higher market volatility.


Guideline 3

Most announcements may only affect a particular sector/region.



Let’s say you wish to trade equities. Some events include major  economic news that influence price action (I.e Central bank announcements) or internal news of a specific company is released (I.e quartely earnings). . This type of news will help in setting the expiration date of an option/futures. For the oil market, the same economic calendar can be used to track oil inventory levels

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