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Don’t miss the opportunity to trade stocks online with South Africa’s #1 licensed and regulated award-winning broker! CMTrading is the broker of choice for more than 1 million subscribers across the world!  

Trading the financial markets can be a highly rewarding experience. Traders can make hundreds of thousands of dollars depending on their skills and market volatility. We offer real-time price movements with absolutely no delay. The platform provides built-in analytics and charting tools to ensure traders get access to accurate and actionable information throughout the trading session.  

The Best way to Trade Stocks Online

The stock market is among the most critical financial institution which allows traders to engage in trading stock in the given capital market. CMTrading aims to enhance your trading performance by providing you with superior trading conditions, round-the-clock support, and free trading signals to ensure your continued growth.  

If you are a first-timer in trading stocks online, be sure to familiarize yourself with the basics and trading conditions. It is highly recommended that you consult our experts at CMTrading who boast years of experience in providing remarkable support and service to our valued clients. As a result, it is a guarantee that you will receive effective support throughout your trading journey. Our award-winning trading platform offers the most stable and user-friendly experience both on desktop and mobile devices.  

How to Trade Stocks in CMtrading

The first thing worth noting is that the forex market keeps changing gradually. Thus, as you focus on both the long-term and short-term investments, remember learning the logistics of trading stocks which is a critical aspect to long-term outperformance. Another crucial point involves being psychologically prepared for the loss of your invested capital due to depreciation.

Below are some vital factors you need to consider when trading stocks online:

  • To avoid the ups and downs of stock trading, choose your broker wisely and ensure you receive up-to-date market analysis.
  • Engage in extensive research and risk analysis to understand the underlying risks before engaging in any contract for difference.
  • Arm yourself with the unbiased information from trustworthy sources to keep abreast of market trends, and more importantly fluctuations in the stock market.

After familiarizing yourself with the above aspects, you will be able to trade more confidently. The key benefit that comes with online stock trading is that you get access to deep liquidity and therefore lower costs and unmatched profit potential. However, you need to remain patient, disciplined and methodical if you aim to achieve consistent results.

What are stocks?  

When companies need to raise the capital they can divide a portion of their business into shares that can be publicly or privately owned. This means stocks are effectively the ownership of shares in a given company. They fluctuate daily in price depending on the company’s performance. They can be listed on the stock market (public) or may only be available to private investors (OTC or over-the-counter stocks). Some of the biggest companies in the world, Apple, Amazon, Google, and Tesla are publicly traded companies. This means that anyone can grab a share of these huge companies for a price.  

Shares can be traded on international markets or indices such as the Nasdaq 100, Dow Jones, and S&P 500.  

Factors that affect shares  

All companies are prone to a huge number of factors that affect their business. From new product launches (I.e. Apple introducing a new iPhone) to good quarterly earnings announcements, many factors can move a stock’s price.  

The appointment of a new CEO could mean positive things for a company’s future whereas the retrenching of staff could mean the company expects lower profits. Companies are also prone to political and environmental pressures. During the 2020 pandemic, many retail stores were forced to close as curfews and lockdowns were implemented. Conversely, online stores and eCommerce saw a boom during the same period.  

Shares on the other hand refer to the proportional ownership of stock in one particular company. For example, owning 20,000 shares of a company with 1 million outstanding shares would give an investor a 2% ownership stake in that company  

How to trade stocks   

A trader can potentially make money by speculating on the performance of a stock over a short timeframe. A trader purchases a stock and opens and closes a position on the market depending on which way they believe the stock will perform. Traders will focus on technical patterns using methods such as scalping and day trading, often using short-term timeframes such as ten-minute charts.  

With online trading platforms, such as CMTrading, traders can monitor the stock’s performance along with their entry and exit prices.  

Trade the world’s top-performing stocks with CMTrading’s award-winning platform!