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CMTrading milestones through the years

Our Story
Our Story
Our Story
Our Story

“What started in a small 30 SQM room became a 900 SQM meter office built from scratch, after a few years. CMTrading’s crossed paths with our personal lives, including our family and kids. 

In time, our company has gone global, with offices in Johannesburg, Lagos, Abuja, Dubai, Herzliya, Limassol, Mahe and Sofia.”

Ibrahim A. Aita, Founder and CEO of CMTrading

Our story of Trading Excellence

As Africa’s largest local broker, we take pride in offering our clients an unmatched trading experience. From customized educational packages to the best technological solutions, we ensure your journey with us is safe and profitable. 

Here are 10 fun facts you need to know about CMTrading: 


Our Story


One Million Registered Clients

Since our humble beginnings a decade ago, we have grown to become a fully licensed and regulated broker, trusted by over 1,000,000 subscribers. But we’re not blinded by this BIG number. We strive to give the best trading experience and the ultimate service to each client, affiliate or business.  

African expansion  

CMTrading has been serving the Nigeria market since 2017 and has grown to have over 200,000 active trading accounts from Nigeria. We are making a positive impact on Nigerians.

Tope Ijibadejo, Nigeria Region Manager.

CMTrading has made great strides in the African continent, with offices in Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya. Moreover, we have won Best Broker in Nigeria in 2021 and 2022, along with many other accolades in Africa.  

CMTrading Partners – Helping others achieve financial freedom 

“We feel that it’s important that any person should have the control to achieve great success through their ability to give back and share to their community”

Charlie Charalambous, Head of Global IBs.

At CMTrading Partners we offer those seeking added income a way to protect their financial future by starting their own Introducing Business (IB). Partners can make high commissions by referring others to our platform.  

We offer extremely competitive commission plans for client referrals. When you get started, you receive access to all our reporting tools and statistics, and all commissions are automatically paid on each closed trade.  


Our Story

World-Class Education

We offer the most innovative trading tools to our clients, including: 

  • Trading Central – Introduced during 2022, this innovative suite of research and analytics products by Trading Central can take your trading to the next level. 
  • Daily Market Reviews – Get the latest global market news and build your strategy with our daily market news updates. 
  • Trading Signals – Maximise your gains and conquer the financial markets with our daily trading signals. 

We also offer six other awesome tools, including economic calendar, trading calculators, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, tradable assets, and favourable trading conditions. 

Our Story


Our Story


Most Popular Stocks

“My favourite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Steve Jobs

Tesla, Microsoft, & Apple have been the most popular stocks among our traders since day 1. Unsurprisingly these are large-cap companies, and two of them – Apple and Microsoft – are tech companies that went public back in the eighties! 
These three companies are among the six most valued companies in the world. Their share price has increased dramatically since their IPO (initial public offering). At the time of publishing, Apple’s market cap is an incredible $2.54 trillion, Microsoft’s is $2.01 trillion, and Tesla’s is $854.46 billion.)


Our Story

Favourite Assets

The most popular financial assets on our platforms with more than 40% of total trades are: 

  • XAUUSD (GOLD) Our clients’ most traded asset, with over 11 million trades throughout the years. Owning gold CFDs is a method of diversifying your investment and protecting your wealth. 
  • EUR/USD – Introduced back in 1,999, EUR/USD is one of the most popular currency pairs. This currency pair is heavily influenced by geopolitical uncertainty, financial events and the performance of major regional stock indices.  
  • NASDAQ – The world’s first electronic exchange, Nasdaq is an index of more than 3,000 stocks including top tech and biotech giants like Apple, Alphabet (Google) and Amazon.  

In addition, CRUDE OIL has been the most profitable instrument for our clients. Still the world’s main source of energy production, this crucial commodity is often called ‘black gold’. 

Our Story


Our Story


Financial Markets

CMTrading operates in five hot financial markets, offering 150+ tradable assets: 

  • 15 commodities including crude oil, natural gas, wheat and coffee. 
  • 16 indices including Nasdaq, S&P 500 and FTSE. 
  • 21 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Binance coin.  
  • 51 currency pairs including EURUSD, USDZAR and JPYUSD. 
  • 73 US stocks including Apple, Amazon, Microsoft and Tesla. 


Our Story

Every Client Matters

True to our core values, we care about every single client. That’s why we offer 1-on-1 training sessions to help them develop their trading skills even if they’re absolute beginners. We offer many communication channels to make it easy for everyone to approach us with any concern.
Our Story


Our Story


Social Platforms

Want to go social? 

Our social community is growing rapidly. We now have more than 333,000 followers on 6 platforms in total: Facebook (our biggest channel), Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and (recently added) Telegram. Our followers enjoy the latest news updates, blog releases, engaging posts, videos, interaction with our team and much more.   


Our Story

Award-Winning Broker

As Africa’s largest local broker, we take pride in offering our clients the best trading experience, helping them to increase their profits.  

Over the years we have won multiple awards for our outstanding performance. This year’s accolades include: 

  • Best Growing Broker Kenya 2023 
  • Best Performing Financial Broker Africa 2023  
  • Best Growing Broker Nigeria 2023 
  • Best Partner Program GCC 2023 
  • Fastest Growing Broker Nigeria 2023  
  • Best Performing Broker South Africa 2023 
  • Fastest Growing Financial Broker Middle East 2023 
  • Best Broker in Nigeria 2023 
  • Most Innovative Forex Broker in GCC & Africa 2023 

These awards encourage us to continually innovate and provide our clients with the ultimate trading tools, services and support.  

Our Story


Our Story


Numerous Trading Live Streams per Month

In addition to our weekly free webinars, we offer more than eight Facebook live streams every month. Hosted bi-weekly by our in-house Senior Trading Specialist, Fred Razak, these fun broadcasts cover everything from a successful mindset to technical trading know-how and current events. 


Our Story

Daily News Editions

“Good morning traders, welcome to today’s Market Review, this is Fred Razak…” 

We believe that successful traders must stay on top of the biggest movements and trends in the global markets. Our Daily Financial News, and Daily Market Review, broadcast throughout the week on YouTube and our social platforms, help traders understand tailor their trading strategy according to current events.  

Fred Razak, CMTrading’s Senior Trading Strategist, was interviewed for radio station Power 98.7 Johannesburg and TV channel Newsroom Afrika. He discussed inflation, recession fears, trading and money management tips and more.  

Our Story
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