What You Should Trade This Week: Microsoft, Amazon & Meta 

What You Should Trade This Week: Microsoft, Amazon & Meta 

As a trader, staying ahead of the game and identifying profitable opportunities is crucial. If you’re looking for your next trade, the three companies that deserve your attention are Microsoft, Facebook (Meta Platforms), and Amazon.    Each of these tech giants is currently enjoying a boom in the tech sector, and there are several compelling […]

10 Amazing Ways To Use AI Plugins For Online Trading

10 Amazing Ways To Use AI Plugins For Online Trading

From stock picks to risk assessment, Artificial intelligence (AI) has revolutionised the way stock traders analyze and interpret market data.   In May 2023, AI plugins are booming as traders can gain valuable insights, make informed decisions, and stay ahead of the curve.   Want to learn more about the markets? Check out our latest […]

Facebook owner Meta hit with record $1.3bn data-breach fine 

Introducing Facebook Libra Coin

In a significant blow to Facebook owner Meta, the social media giant has been hit with a record-high fine for mishandling user information.   The fine, imposed by Ireland and the European Union (EU), highlights the increasing scrutiny faced by tech companies regarding data privacy.   Today, CMTrading delves into the details of the fine and its […]

Historic crypto hearing: What traders need to know  

Historic crypto hearing What traders need to know

The rise of Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin has paved the way for a revolution in digital-asset trading. As crypto becomes mainstream new rules and regulations need to be implemented to avoid scams and fraud such as FTX.   The US House Committees on Agriculture and Financial Services held a joint hearing on May 10th to address […]

How Ai-powered Trading Bots are revolutionizing markets  

How Ai-powered Trading Bots are revolutionizing markets  

Stock prices fluctuate all the time. Some assets, such as Bitcoin, experience extreme volatility, rising and falling within an hour. Accurately anticipating these movements, is the key to successful trading. However, accurately predicting stock prices has proven to be an elusive endeavor, requiring copious amounts of market analysis and luck.    Various methods can be employed […]

Gold price flirts with all-time highs 

This image shows gold bars and is related to an article titled Best Time to Trade Gold in South Africa

In 2022, the price of gold experienced a significant surge, hitting its highest point in several years. However, this rally was short-lived, as the precious metal saw a sharp decline in the latter half of the year. In 2023, the gold market has rebounded strongly, with prices reaching new highs once again.  The resurgence of […]

Big tech, bigger profits: Trade Apple earnings  

Trading App

May the 4th might be World Star Wars Day but another blockbuster event is taking place – Apple’s latest earnings report.   Wall Street and tech traders are anticipating a great report from the world’s biggest tech company.   CMTrading takes a look at Apple, its performance, and what trading opportunities it presents.    Big Month For Big […]

Banking crisis: Is a global recession more likely?  

Bank Crisis

In March 2023, global financial markets were rocked by a series of bank crashes around the world. In the USA, a bizarre series of withdrawals brought down Silicon Valley Bank. Similarly, Signature Bank was also forced by regulators to permanently close its doors. Meanwhile, in Switzerland, the collapse of beleaguered Credit Suisse resulted in a […]

10 easy ways to start online trading   

10 Easy Ways To Start Online Trading

The stock market has been hit hard by the dual combination of high-interest rates and high inflation.    Despite the difficulties, millions are being traded daily through the financial markets. Online trading is booming, with thousands of newcomers entering the market, many without having a financial background.   Today, anyone with access to the internet can […]

Big tech earnings: Trade Amazon, Google, and more!   

An image depicts a person analyzing financial charts and data on a computer screen, engaged in Forex trading. Multiple candlestick charts, graphs, and market indicators are visible on the screen, showcasing currency pairs and market trends.

Google, Amazon, Meta… some of the world’s biggest companies are set to release their first quarter (Q1) in May.      A packed earnings season dominates this week’s trading radar as more than a third of S&P500 companies report.    The release of these earnings could cause high volatility, especially in the massive technology sector.  Where […]