Trading Products

Trading beginners who join CMTrading get access to premium educational resources for free. Also, all registered clients are invited to weekly educational webinars designed to develop their trading skills and market knowledge under professional guidance.

Diversify your trading portfolio by trading the largest stock indices that track the performance of the European, US, and Asian markets.

Commodities comprise energy and agricultural assets as well as precious metals. CMTrading clients can trade contracts on gold, oil and sugar as easily as any other stock or currency pair.

Commodities, whether related to energy, food, or metals, play a significant part in everyone’s lives.

Contracts for Difference, commonly known as CFDs, enable traders and investors to speculate on falling and rising of securities without necessarily owning them.

Forex or currency trading is the most profitable financial market. The high liquidity available in currency trading coupled with CMTrading’s superior trading conditions offers traders ultra-low trading costs and lightning-fast order execution.