Earning Releases

Earnings releases offer valuable insight into a company’s financials, which greatly impact the performance of its stock on the global stage. 

Publicly traded companies are required to publish their earnings on a quarterly basis. Below you can see the earnings calendar for all the companies available at CMTrading.

Symbol  Earnings Date  
Symbol:Alcoa  Earnings Date:October 20, 2021 
Symbol:Alibaba ADR  Earnings Date:October 29, 2021 
Symbol:AMD  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Bank of America  Earnings Date:October 14, 2021 
Symbol:Baidu  Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:Berkshire Hathaway Earnings Date:October 29, 2021 
Symbol:Biogen  Earnings Date:October 26, 2021 
Symbol:BlackRock  Earnings Date:October 19, 2021 
Symbol:Boeing  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Caterpillar  Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:Chevron  Earnings Date:October 29, 2021 
Symbol:Citigroup  Earnings Date:October 14, 2021 
Symbol:Coca-Cola  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Danaher  Earnings Date:October 21, 2021 
Symbol:Deutsche Bank AG  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:eBay  Earnings Date:October 20, 2021 
Symbol:Expedia  Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:Exxon Mobil  Earnings Date:October 29, 2021 
Symbol:Ford Motor  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:General Electric  Earnings Date:October 15, 2021 
Symbol:Goldman Sachs  Earnings Date:October 15, 2021 
Symbol:IBM  Earnings Date:October 20, 2021 
Symbol:Intel  Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:JPMorgan  Earnings Date:October 13, 2021 
Symbol:McDonald’s  Earnings Date:October 26, 2021 
Symbol:Microsoft  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:PayPal Holdings Inc  Earnings Date:October 21, 2021 
Symbol:Seagate  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Sony ADR  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Twitter Inc  Earnings Date:October 26, 2021 
Symbol:UBS Group  Earnings Date:October 26, 2021 
Symbol:Visa Earnings Date: October 27, 2021 
Symbol:Western Digital  Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:3M  Earnings Date:October 26, 2021 
Symbol:Amazon Earnings Date:October 28, 2021 
Symbol:Rio Tinto ADR  Earnings Date:October 14, 2021 
Symbol:Netflix  Earnings Date:October 19, 2021 
Symbol:Tesla  Earnings Date:October 27, 2021 

What is an earnings report?

Quarterly earnings reports are crucial for stock traders as they serve as an indicator of how a company performed over the last quarter. Earnings reports typically include valuable financial data such as the earnings per share (EPS), the net income of the company as well as net sales.


These reports tend to trigger increased volatility in the market due to how they affect investor sentiment in a company or industry segment. As such, trading activity tends to pick up during earning releases, which provide exciting trading opportunities due to the higher trading volume and profit potential.

Therefore, an earnings report can help traders determine the general price direction and identify potential trading opportunities.

How to trade earning releases

As is the case with other high-impact financial reports, market analysts typically try to predict a company’s financials before the actual earnings release is made public.

If the forecasts are not in agreement with the actual report, then it’s quite likely that the price of the company’s stock will be affected as investors digest the numbers.

Put simply, when the estimates point to a positive quarter, but the actual results don’t meet the forecasts, investors are likely to start selling their equity, which will eventually drive prices down.

On the other hand, if an earnings report exceeds the market’s expectations, investors will flock to buy the stock in anticipation of an increase in demand and price.