Sirix Mobile
Sirix Mobile

Sirix mobile is an app that provides an excellent online forex trading experience. Its features are endless and ensure maximum usability. One of the first things a beginner trader needs to do is choose the trading platform that suits them.

Since it has become more and more common for traders to perform their online trading via their mobile phones, CMTrading is now giving its clients a free access to the Sirix mobile app. Having a mobile app is great because it means you can trade on the go and stay on top of trends and economic events right when they happen.

What makes Sirix mobile so great?

Experienced traders will tell you quality is not something to compromise on. The trading app you use will have a major effect on how easy it will be for you to trade, on your progress and on your profit potential.

It’s important to have an app that has a user-friendly interface and can enhance your forex experience. On top of that, security plays a major role as it’s your money that’s at stake and you want it to be as protected and secured as possible.


  • Social charts
  • Secured environment
  • Direct encryption
  • Ability to set up and manage accounts
  • Database is updated regularly
  • Convenience on the go


If you’re the kind of person who wants to achieve the best – then the Sirix mobile is the right app for you. This is an app for winners, people who want to make the best of their trading and understand that in order to become a success they should choose the best broker, the best tools and the best trading specialist that will get them to the top.

You can download Sirix’s App from your Cell phone here:

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