June 13, 2023

Womens Wealth: Discover the secrets of trading and financial security

June 13, 2023


Online trading has helped millions across Africa achieve their financial freedom. As high inflation coupled with rising interest rates continues to plague the African continent, financial security is of critical concern. 

How can you grab your financial freedom? CMTrading has created an incredible show called Women’s Wealth along with a series of expert trading courses to help guide you in realising your true potential. 

Women’s Wealth- Business for Women by Women 

Nearly 60% of entrepreneurs in Africa are women; in our captivating wealth series, you’ll find out how these business-savvy women are achieving success. 

Host of Women’s Wealth, Titi Oyinsan, said: “Whether you’re a seasoned investor, a first-time entrepreneur, or simply looking to improve your financial literacy, “Women’s Wealth” has something for you. Join us every week as we explore the latest trends, share best practices, and celebrate the achievements of women who have turned their financial dreams into reality.  

“Don’t miss out on this essential resource for women who want to build lasting wealth and financial security!” 

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Women are achieving success in business and finance: 

  • Women make up a significant portion of the global workforce, with over 200 million women running their own businesses worldwide.  
  • The number of women-owned businesses has been growing at a faster rate than the overall business growth in many countries.  
  • Research shows that companies with a higher representation of women in leadership positions tend to have better financial performance and higher profitability.  
  • Despite progress, women still face challenges in accessing capital for their businesses. They often receive lower loan amounts and higher interest rates compared to male entrepreneurs.  
  • Women entrepreneurs are more likely to seek funding from alternative sources such as crowdfunding, angel investors, and grants.  
  • Women tend to invest a higher percentage of their income in their families and communities, contributing to economic development and poverty reduction.  
  • Gender diversity in corporate boards and executive positions has been linked to improved decision-making, innovation, and overall business performance.  
  • Women are underrepresented in certain industries and sectors, such as technology, finance, and venture capital, which can limit their access to high-growth opportunities and networks.  
  • The gender pay gap persists in many countries, with women earning less than their male counterparts in similar roles. This can have long-term financial implications for women’s wealth accumulation and retirement savings.  
  • Female investors often prioritise socially responsible investing, focusing on environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors when making investment decisions. This trend reflects a growing interest in aligning financial goals with social impact. 

Women’s Wealth – experts shares her views 

Oyinsan shares more about the Women’s Wealth series and why you should be tuning in: 


Q: Tell us about yourself and your journey in Women’s Wealth? 

Oyinsan: “It has been quite a journey, filled with both ups and downs, as I ventured into various businesses and tried my hand at different things. I tapped into the realms of buying and selling, explored the world of curves candle making and gardening, and embraced my enthusiasm for beautiful assets. 

“Additionally, I took a leap into the stock market, which was a fascinating experience. Initially, I didn’t make much money, but as time went on, I encountered opportunities and learned from numerous individuals within the community. This helped me grow and gain knowledge in finance and business. As a media consultant and a passionate enthusiast of financial assets, I have been doing my best to stay informed and I hope to expand my expertise further.” 


Q: What opportunities are there for African women in business? 

Oyinsan: “There are abundant opportunities for African women in business, with numerous think tanks, investors, and corporate bodies dedicating efforts to provide grants, loans, and partnerships specifically for women.  

“When given the chance to thrive in a favorable environment, women demonstrate their capabilities and excel. However, it is important to acknowledge that the present global recession has created challenges worldwide, and the markets are more volatile than ever.” 

“Despite these obstacles, there are still plenty of opportunities, and women have proven themselves to be successful. The key lies in creating a more favorable environment that supports and empowers women. The question remains: How can we achieve this? 

Secrets of trading

Q: What are some business trends in Africa you’ve come across? 


Oyinsan: “One significant trend I have noticed in the business world is that home-based businesses are thriving. I recently met an inspiring lady who operates an online gift packaging business from the outskirts of Lagos. She assembles incredible gift items, including mugs, towels, perfumes, portable bottles of wine, and decorates the boxes with creativity and flair.  

“She caters to events, corporate needs, birthdays, weddings, and more. Additionally, she has ventured into making her own shea butter body creams and scented oils, branding her own products. Remarkably, she manages everything from her home and hasn’t left her house in three months.  

“She relies on deliveries and coordinates with suppliers to ensure everything is done efficiently for her clients. Proper management and financial control can lead to success, and even a home-based business can flourish with the right strategies.” 

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Q: What are some of the benefits of online trading? 


Oyinsan: “In my opinion, one of the advantages of online trading is that it doesn’t require a degree or attending university. Continuous education and understanding best practices can bring about positive changes and help achieve financial goals.  

“It may take time and compounding effects, but it is a step in the right direction. Once you grasp how the world of money works, you no longer see money as a master but rather master it yourself. This sense of mastery boosts your confidence and financial security.”  


Q: Do you have any advice for women out there who want to seize their financial freedom? 

Oyinsan: “My advice to those seeking financial freedom is that it is not a myth; it is indeed possible. There are resources available for learning, people willing to have conversations and provide guidance, and opportunities to understand how the world of money operates.  


“The journey begins with a single step, so follow the handle, visit the website, and start tomorrow today.” 






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