Support Resistance

If you are trading Forex you will probably hear traders mention “support and resistance” levels.  It’s one of the founding blocks of trading.  But what is it and how do we use it? Let’s find out!

Support – Indicates an area that buyers are stepping up in the market to support the price of a Forex instrument.  For example, if a Forex pair keeps falling to a certain price and bounces off that figure, it means that there is support at that price.

Support Resistance

Resistance – As you probably guessed, resistance is the opposite of support and reveals an area where sellers are entering and dumping supply into the market.  This then causes prices to not rise higher.

Sounds simple enough; here are a few examples.

In this first chart we’ve got the AUDUSD.  As you can see, it had found support just above 1.0700, as Forex traders stepped in to buy on any dip towards the 1.0700 level.  When we see a chart showing a clear level of buying around one horizontal line, this is defined as support.

In this chart, we see the EURUSD as it traded in February.  Greece was just finalizing their debt rescue plan and the EU financial crisis was easing.  As a result, the EURUSD was amid a nearly two-month upswing from around 1.2600 all the way to almost 1.3500.

However, as the chart shows, the EUR/USD failed to trade above 1.3500, and twice headed lower after hitting that level.  This revealed that Forex traders were selling the EUR/USD at these prices; thus, creating resistance at the 1.3500 figure.

Support Resistance


Forex traders use support and resistance as point of reference for potential buy and sell entries.  Therefore, if a trader sees that there is support in the AUD/USD at 1.0700, they’ll feel confident about buying just above 1.0700, since they know that other traders are buying at that level.  Similarly, if one wanted to short the EUR/USD after its big move higher, selling below 1.3500 may be a good move since there has been resistance at that level s stopping previous climbs.

Overall, buying or selling along with other traders is often a winning strategy for as it increases the chances of favorable momentum. There is also risk of poor profitability when many Forex traders try to exit the same position at the same time.