KYC Policy


In order to activate your account and start trading, please provide the following documents for verification:


Proof of Identity:

Can either be a government issued Passport, Identity card or driver’s license.

Please provide clear front and back copies of this document showing your full name, date of birth, issue,expiration date (if applicable) and your photograph.


Proof of Residence:

Can be any utility bill or bank statement.

The document needs to have been issued within the last 3 months and must show your name, full residential address and the issue date.

We will also accept an affidavit from a police station or a declaration of residence signed and stamped by your municipality.

Please note that PO Boxes are not accepted.



When funding your trading account, please use a payment method in your own name.


If you fund your account with a credit/debit card, please provide front and back copies of this card.

  • On the front please leave the first and last 4 digits, your name and expiration date
  •  On the back please hide the CVV code and make sure the card is signed.