FTSE MIB Futures

A market-cap weighted index of the top 40 companies on the Borsa ItalianaItaly’s sole stock exchange. It used to be referred to as the S&P/MIB and has superseded the MIB 30 in 2009. It is now overseen by the FTSE, which has ties to the London Stock Exchange, and represents some of the largest companies within the Italian equities market. 


The FTSE MIB index tracks the performance of high-end Italian brands and companies such as Ferrari, Fiat Chrysler and ENI. 


What affects the price of FTSE MIB?

In similar fashion to all other major stock indices, the performance of the FTSE MIB relies on the well-being of the companies listed in the index. When the companies tracked by the index are performing well, the value of the FTSE MIB will likely increase, however, when these companies underperform, the value of the index will drop.  


Other factors that may affect the price of the FTSE MIB are geopolitical events and developments such as trade wars, monetary policy updates by the ECB as well as the price of oil on the global stage.

Why trade the FTSE MIB?

The FTSE MIB index is a great asset choice for traders who want to gain access to the Italian stock market and enjoy the high liquidity and stability it provides.