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Is the JSE All Share Index still a viable investment for South African traders?

The JSE All Share is the best-known and most valuable index in the JSE, however, sound investments are a result of comprehensive research and sometimes the most obvious choice may not be the best one at hand. 

CFD trading or Forex: Discover which is the better market to trade

While CFD trading comprises a range of financial instruments including commodities, stocks, cryptocurrencies and indices – most traders still prefer trading forex. Let’s see how these two asset classes differ and which is the better one to trade.

Trade popular tech stocks including Amazon in South Africa

Amazon is considered the largest e-commerce company worldwide but in reality, that’s only just one part of Amazon’s scope of business and your average Joe and Jane have no idea about the massive scale and actual reach of this multinational colossus. If you are wondering why Amazon in South Africa is one of the most sought-after stock offerings, keep reading to find out.  

The significance of choosing a reliable forex broker

Cheaper prices are of course a great advantage for any forex trading strategy but it’s more important to some and less for others. For example, a trader primarily using scalping as part of his strategy, would aim to optimize his results by minimizing costs, but at the end of the day, it’s all about striking a balance

Mobile access to the markets with a forex trading app

Market-moving news and dramatic price fluctuations are a common phenomenon in an ever-changing market like forex. 
Mobile forex trading apps, however, may help keep you up to speed even if you are away from your trading battle station at home.

Unmatched trading edge: discover what moves the financial markets with CM Trading’s daily market analysis

CM Trading believes that providing clients with access to clear, unbiased and noise-free insights is a guaranteed way to give them an edge against the competition. A team of expert analysts wade through financial data and reports at a global scale to deliver you with actionable information on the most relevant developments in the market. They do the dirty work and filter out the noise to provide you with the news that matter.  

Should you be paying for a forex trading training course?

Placing a trade might be easy enough but actually trading forex successfully is a different matter altogether. 
As such beginners are easily pulled into paying for trading courses when there are alternative sources of education that are unbiased and may produce better results in the long run.

Introducing facebook’s Libra coin: what you need to know

Will Facebook's new digital currency Libra revolutionize how we transfer money or is it just a last-ditch effort to piggyback on and corner the crypto market for its own benefit?

Your ultimate guide to the basics of forex trading

If you are looking for information regarding the world of forex trading, you’ve come to the right place. While the forex market is quite a volatile ever-changing environment with a fickle nature, there are multiple forex trading strategies that are proven to increase your chances towards making accurate predictions and thus your profit potential. Complete this forex trading tutorial to get the confidence you need to succeed in the exciting world of forex.

Five Tips for Better Trading

It's a fact that only 25 to 30% of online traders make money. It's a lesser-known fact that most traders are right, most of the time. That is, they make more successful trades than not. So why are three-fourths of online forex traders losing on their investments?


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