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Tips for Trading Palladium: All that Shines is not Gold, sometimes it’s even Better

Palladium was one of the most profitable commodities and precious metals to trade on in 2019. Different sources are speculating it could test $3,000 USD and ounce by the end of the year after tripling it price over the last 3 years. Find out how you could trade and profit on Palladium’s large market movements.

Take a hands on learning approach with a forex trading demo account

There are many challenges to learning how to trade profitably, but thankfully, a demo trading account can help traders familiarize themselves with all the aspects of trading the markets without the need to actually invest any money and risk losing it all due to a lack of experience. 

How does the non-farm payrolls report affect traders?

The non-farm payrolls report is arguably the most important market event. It provides an in-depth look in the overall health of the U.S economy and therefore it’s closely monitored and anticipated by forex traders as it can heavily impact the dollar, energy and gas industries and generate high bouts of market volatility. 

Bitcoin trading in 2020: is it worth it?

Bitcoin is undoubtedly the king of the cryptocurrency markets and while it may seem impossible to challenge its supremacy, several other altcoins may also offer favorable opportunities for traders in the forex market. 

Live rand dollar exchange rate: the market exchange rate of USD/ZAR

The USD/ZAR is an exotic forex pair which offers daily opportunities for traders who favor emerging markets with a healthy dose of volatility. While the South African rand (ZAR) has been in a major slump recently, forex traders can still profit by buying USD/ZAR CFDs and taking advantage of the market’s decline.

Look for the Silver Lining: Learning the Benefits of Trading Silver

SILVER (XAG/USD) is often overlooked by both experienced and new traders who find more headlines about GOLD in financial news. Yet, silver trading can be more affordable than trading other precious metals and provide a greater potential profit of other precious metals if they touch their previous all-time highest prices.

Gold trading: is 2020 going to be another bullish year for the yellow metal?

It is commonly known that gold is the ultimate safe haven asset in times of global economic and political uncertainty. When the market is on a risk off mood, there is a sharp spike in the price of gold and the recent tensions in the Middle East paired with the looming global recession have been the driving force behind the appreciation of the precious metal.

Use a forex calendar to guide your trades and avoid surprises in the markets

Regardless if you are trading forex with a technical or fundamental bias, consulting a forex calendar before you enter a trade is of utmost importance. A forex calendar tracks all scheduled events that may impact the financial markets as well as their potential effect on the price of the underlying financial security.

What is forex trading and is it right for you?

Forex trading is how currency investors profit from the constant fluctuations in the exchange rates between two currencies. Buying and selling these forex currency pairs while their value appreciates or depreciates offers countless opportunities and this is why the forex market commands trading volumes upwards of $5 trillion per day. 

Learn how to trade forex with the right mindset

Forex trading is an exciting investment opportunity with limitless opportunities for traders. However, the markets are quite volatile throughout the year and beginners need to stick to the fundamentals otherwise they will end up failing again and again.

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