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CopyKat Trading
CopyKat Trading

What is CopyKat

Whether you’re a beginner or pro, CMTrading’s Copykat allows you to watch, learn and copy the complex strategies used by successful traders. Even if you are new to trading, you’ll have the opportunity to trade like the professionals with one simple click. Open a CMTrading account to get access to CopyKat today!


Beginner traders can sometimes struggle during their first steps in the trading world. To help you become a successful trader, we are offering all our clients the opportunity to copy the trades of professional traders: 

  • Follow expert traders and decide if you want to copy them
  • Each time they trade, the same trades take place in your account.
  • When they make money – you make money!
  • What’s more, you can even trade automatically.
  • Available on desktop 

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Benefits of CopyKat:

Follow expert traders 

Learn from experts

See how they trade

Complete privacy

Your details are never shared with the signal provider

Copy trades automatically

When they trade, you trade

Become a successful trader on Day 1

While there are a lot of social trading platforms available online, Copykat offers unique advantages and solutions for those who want to invest in the markets – and start growing their capital – but do not have the necessary expertise.  

CMTrading developed the Copykat trading platform to guarantee a safe and regulated investment experience for beginner investors and provides clients with all the tools and guidance required to ensure better results  

You can open an account, sift through a list of expert traders, sorted by profitability, identify the one that meets your investment goals and risk tolerance and invest in his account. 

Follow and copy the world’s best traders  

Each time they trade, the same trades are made in your account 

When they make a profit so do you  

Learn their strategies and become a better trader 

Online trading can be a daunting prospect especially if you are new to the financial markets. Fortunately for beginners, there is a way to trade like a professional while gaining valuable experience doing so – Social Trading. 

CopyKat Trading
Levelling the playing field

Online trading has enabled many independent and small-scale brokers to gain their share of the market. Unfortunately, major players such as financial institutions and professional money managers own the biggest slice of the trading pie.

Much like social media changed the world of marketing forever, Social Trading is a gamechanger in financial markets. It is revolutionized the economic landscape by giving accessibility and knowledge to novices, and in turn, enable all users to become hugely profitable with minimal effort.

Even those with no expertise can now engage with other traders and invest in a highly competitive market that used to be dominated by major players.

With social trading, and a flexible trading platform such as CopyKat, you have an entire community of traders that can assist you. You can learn from other traders’ history, what worked for them and what did not, and then build your strategy based on the records of others. This significantly helps with the steep learning curve and will help you become a better trader.

What kind of social trader are you?

In the world of social trading, there are two primary methods of investing – copy trading and mirror trading. The difference between the two is: some follow traders and others follow strategies independent of the trader using them.  

Also, there are Signals providers who offer services such as trading tips and trading signals. These signals are basically alerts that notify of upcoming trading opportunities and include all the relevant information needed to take advantage of this trade.

CopyKat Trading
CopyKat Trading

Copy Trading  

Copy-trading involves linking your portfolio directly (and automatically) to that of another trader. This means all trades are made by the primary trader and are automatically copied by those following. Usually, in trading, you would conduct research, watch trends and makes trade decisions based on the information gathered. A Copy Trader however leaves those decisions to the more experienced trader they are following. Successful traders are ranked by criteria including success rate and the number of followers. When deciding to be a Copy Trader, understand that who you follow is much more important than the strategies they implement.  

CopyKat Trading
CopyKat Trading

Mirror Trading  

Like copy trading, mirror trading is focused on specific trading strategies rather than following traders. Mirror traders, used primarily in forex trading, selects a trading strategy based on which indices or currency pairs they wish to profit on. Trading strategies can be selecting opening/closing positions and how much money they are willing to spend. When the selected strategy is implemented by the developer, the same trade is automatically “mirrored” in the investor’s account. This type of trading is more beneficial for experienced traders as you will need a large amount of capital due to the automated nature and large volume of trades generated.  

CopyKat Trading
CopyKat Trading

Signals and Tips provider  

The social interaction of traders has also created a demand for live market signals and trading tips. Trading tips and signals are often provided by experienced traders, usually via social media accounts or a paid subscription service. These signals are often the result of expert analysis or trading algorithms. These services are critical to the nature of Social Trading – who would not want real-time advice on price movements? 

It is easy to see the benefits of social trading if you are a beginner but what do experienced traders get out of it? Social trading provides experienced and profitable traders with the platform to earn extra revenue from followers copying their trades. This is a fantastic way for veteran traders to not only share their skills but get rewarded for doing so; when you profit, they profit. A win-win for all. 



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