Copykat Guide

Beginner traders can sometimes struggle during their first steps in the trading world. This is due to a lack of experience. CMTrading allows clients who open a trading account to access a unique trading platform where beginner and professional traders come together in a single community.  

By accessing CMTrading Copykat, each user can watch, learn, and possibly copy the most successful traders. Users can decide what strategies they want and which ones they don’t after the careful selection of the best ones.

Leveling the playing field

Online trading has enabled many independent and small-scale brokers to gain their share of the market. The influx of so many traders has also sparked a revolution within the trading industry – social trading. Much like social media revolutionized the marketing landscape, Social Trading is a game-changer in financial markets. It has transformed the trading landscape by providing accessibility and the ability to share skills and knowledge between a community of traders. This has enabled novices to not only learn from experts but also profit with minimal effort.  

Even those with no expertise can now engage with other traders and investors in a highly competitive market that used to be dominated by major financial firms.  You’ll be able to learn from other trader’s experiences and network with like-minded individuals from all over the world. 

With social trading, and a flexible trading platform such as CopyKat, you will join an entire community of traders that can assist you. From refining your trading strategy to discussions around market trends, you can tap into an incredible social resource. 

You’ll be able to learn from other traders, discover their trading secrets and ultimately build your strategy. This significantly helps with the steep learning curve and will help you become a better trader. 

Here are 4 easy steps to access the CMTrading Copykat:


Log on to CMTrading Webtrader here, click on the CopyKat icon in the top right corner .



Choose the most successful traders from the top 100 list.



Follow or copy their trades with customizable amounts.


Become a successful trader on Day 1

Online trading can be a daunting prospect especially if you are new to the financial markets. While there are a lot of social trading platforms available online, Copykat offers unique advantages and solutions for those who want to invest in the markets.  

CMTrading developed the Copykat trading platform to guarantee a safe and regulated investment experience for beginner traders and provides clients with all the tools and guidance required to ensure better results.   

You can open an account, browse through a list of expert traders, identify the one that meets your goals and follow them. It’s incredibly easy – once you select traders to follow you can begin to copy their traders. When they profit, so do you!  

Top benefits of trading:  

  • Follow and copy the world’s best traders   
  • Each time they trade, the same trades are made in your account.   
  • When they make a profit so do you!   
  • Learn their strategies and become a better trader  
  • Trade on the go automatically 

Entering the world of CMTrading Copykat is simple and also offers numerous benefits to its members:

Directly observe how successful traders operate. This is very useful because you will be able to understand their way of trading, their strategies and moves. Not only can you copy them but also gain highly important information regarding trading strategies. What’s more it’s free and available 24-hours a day.


Copy trader’s most successful strategies. This is the core of Copykat. CMTrading’s customers can also set their accounts to “copy paste” mode and copy their chosen trader’s most successful moves.


You decide how much capital to invest. The user is not obliged to use the same amount used by the trader he is following. Traders can invest much smaller amounts and still be able to copy the top traders’ moves.


Any trades on the CMTrading CopyKat trader are the responsibility of the client alone. A decision to copy a certain trader is that of the client alone. CMTrading is not responsible in any way for the success or lack thereof of a trader a client decides to copy.  

Copytrading provides experienced and profitable traders with the platform to earn extra revenue from followers copying their trades.  

This is a fantastic way for veteran traders to not only share their skills but get rewarded for doing so; when you profit, they profit. A win-win for all. 

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