April 6, 2020

MT4 – The Trading Platforms’ Reigning Champion

April 6, 2020

MT4 - The Trading Platforms’ Reigning Champion

MT4 – The Trading Platforms’ Reigning Champion

The MetaTrader4 platform, or more commonly the MT4, is an advanced and popular environment which many traders and brokerages alike incorporate into their trading experience. The software was created by MetaQuotes Software Corp., a Russian software company which was established in 2000, and offers trading technology solutions to clients from all over the world. Traders had previously claimed the MT4 app has revolutionized the trading world, but what makes this platform stand out from the competition nowadays? We put the MetaTrader to the test, and we have come back with results you’ll definitely want to read.

Would you like to know why this platform is still the #1 pick for so many traders? Keep reading the rest of our article below!

User Experience

The user-friendly and simple interface of the MetaTrader4 is favored by new and experienced traders, as it lets them access the global market with ease. Another major advantage is the MT4’s app, which users can download onto their desktop, tablet, or smartphone, which lets them take their trading on the go. Traders can also enjoy the web version on their brokerage’s website.

The MetaTrader4 is available in a number of languages, which makes its data and trading tools further accessible for a variety of markets including those representing Arabic, French, Italian, Spanish, Turkish, and English-speaking clients. This trading platform also grants traders access to numerous assets like currency pairs, commodities, stocks, indices, and even cryptocurrencies.


The MT4’s advanced charting features enable traders to trade while analyzing and looking at live charts simultaneously. Users can choose between different chart styles and colors, and even zoom in or out on a specific time frame relating to any of the assets on the instrument list. The time frames range from a few minutes to the asset’s entire history. The charts can be customized with preset templates.

You can also add or remove other features as you go, making the chart suit your wants and needs. These are also easy to read regardless of the amount of trading or chart reading related experience you may have.

The Expert Advisor

Another crowd pleaser is the MetaTrader’s Expert Advisor, a portfolio feature which allows traders to enjoy automated trading. This algorithm takes over the trading platform, calculates which assets have the best potential for returns, assesses the risk, and then opens a trade for the user. This takes off the stress and hard work off the traders, and they can just sit back as the automated algorithm takes care of everything.

This auto trading feature is a large part of the reason why the MetaTrader4 is so popular among some of the more well-known FX and CFD brokerages, like CM Trading.

Data Security

Other than the threat of hacked accounts and cyber-attacks, the main reason for the MT4 app’s comprehensive security system is the delicate nature of the information that is available on its interface. Users can see their trading history, access details, balance, and more.

When you own a web-based trading account, the sensitive data you have stored on there should be protected against cyber-attacks. The MetaTrader is a highly secure trading platform which encrypts the data stored on it with a 129-bit key. Not only are your personal details such as name and balance concealed from unwanted eyes, but your IP address is also hidden as an additional safety measure, as well.

Customer Support

This trading platform also excels in customer service with its built-in message system. This allows companies to alert their traders via popup messages and chat with them in real time. This method replaces the cumbersome email threads and do-not-reply email addresses, the latter of which causes unnecessary headaches all around. In other words, the MT4 gives both parties a chance to enjoy an advanced form of communication instead of the outdated system that preceded it.

The content of the messages can involve promotions, reminders, or even alerts regarding changes in the global market’s working hours or assets heading up, down, or sideways.

Trading on the MetaTrader4

Given the 5 factors above, the reason why so many brokerages and traders are continuously choosing to trade on the MT4 app is quite clear. An interface that holds all the necessary information data a client would need to see while trading online, a high-level encryption algorithm and an easy way to communicate with clients makes this a great trading environment. Additionally, the added bonus of the responsive app lets you trade wherever and whenever you like, whether you are home, at the office, or on vacation somewhere fun.

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