October 22, 2021

Bitcoin hits record $66,000 on Wall Street debut

October 22, 2021

Historic crypto hearing: What traders need to know

Bitcoin hits record $66,000 on Wall Street debut: Where to next for the crypto king?  

 The king of cryptocurrency reached a new all-time high of $66,000 following its first ETF-linked asset that traded on the New York Stock Exchange.  

Bitcoin hits record $66,000 on Wall Street debut

Bitcoin surged to a new all-time high above $66,000 following its informal debut on Wall Street.  

A Bitcoin-linked futures exchange-traded fund (ETF) was launched on the New York Stock Exchange on October 19. This major step towards legitimacy for the cryptocurrency pushed its price to a record $66,976 on October 20.  

The new ETF makes trading Bitcoin more accessible for investors, further increasing interest in the world’s biggest crypto.  

 First Bitcoin-linked ETF lists on NYSE 

Onwards and upwards  

Bitcoin has gained more than 50% in the past month and is up an incredible 450% over the past year.  

Given its performance, analysts have raised their outlook for the asset and believe it could reach $100,000 before the end of the year.  

A decade of trading records  

Bitcoin is one of the fastest-growing asset classes of the decade with returns 10 times more than the Nasdaq 100; Since 2011, Bitcoin’s cumulative gains equate to an astonishing 20,000,000%. At the start of 2020 Bitcoin was priced at $7,167 to its current price of $66,471.71 (Oct 21).  

The world’s biggest crypto has a market cap of $1.25 trillion.  

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Should you invest in crypto?   

In short, there has never been a better time to buy crypto. The profit potential is staggering, and its growth has attracted many mainstream retail and institutional investors.   

It should be noted however that a crypto, such as Bitcoin, is one of the most volatile assets in the financial markets. As its performance in 2021 has shown, it can just as easily hit $64,000 in days as it could tumble back to $30,000.   

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For example, one of the benefits offered to CMTrading clients is access to powerful leverage, allowing for high returns, even with a small first investment.   

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*Figures are accurate at the time of publishing 

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