Guardian Angel


We believe in delivering the best trading experience for all our clients, regardless of their experience level. Whether you’re a beginner taking your first steps into trading or an experienced trader, there is always room to grow.

You deserve the best platform and tools on the market, and Guardian Angel (GA) is a prominent trading tool that will greatly improve your trading. Think of it as a second pair of eyes, helping you with all your trades.

Why use Guardian Angel? 90% of CMTrading clients who use the FREE add-on report it has greatly assisted their trading.  

How does it work? 

In short, it’s a trading assistance add-on that delivers feedback on your trades and provides signals and information in real-time. Think of it as having a virtual, experienced trader who always has your back.

Guardian Angel delivers instant feedback on your trades, allowing you to refine your trading strategy on the fly. Thinking of trading forex? Guardian Angel will send you forex alerts and information. Need to assess your risk? The tool will highlight historical information so you can fine-tune your trades.

The system analyzes your transactions in real-time to find systematic patterns of your trades as they relate to the market conditions. Our expert analysis provides insights into your trading habits to assist in helping you to make better quality decisions over time.

Your unique Guardian Angel

Unlike other tools on the market, Guardian Angel is unique to each trader; it does not generate the same feedback for all users. Instead, you’ll receive personalised feedback and only see the information you need, based on your preferences and settings.

Benefits of Guardian Angel 

  • Helps reduce risk.  
  • Increases your trading knowledge.  
  • Sets up stop-loss.  
  • Informs you of strong/weak trading performance.  
  • Market alerts relevant to you.  
  • Real-time trading signals.  

Powerful Trading Features

Guardian Angel is available as a plugin on the MT4 platform and native to Webtrader – no action is required to activate it.

Here are some of GA’s top features: 

Guardian Angel
Markets Sensor:
This powerful feature provides up-to-date volatility measurements of the markets you are trading. It shows the current volatility level (very low, low, moderate, high and extremely high) as well as a Stop Loss “safe zone” in pips based on the current volatility level. You can also customise it for different time frames (last hour, last day and last 2 weeks). With this tool, you’ll always keep a finger on the pulse of the markets. 
Autochartist Graphs: 
This incredible tool shows trading opportunities to clients. It provides trading recommendations for major FOREX pairs. It works in tandem with your past trades to give you the best opportunities. You’ll be able to read market news, receive buy/sell recommendations and view key market data in real-time.
Guardian Angel

More features: 

Guardian Angel


Contains statistics of all your previous trades

Guardian Angel

Stop Loss Calculator

A stop-loss order cuts off your transaction at an exchange rate set in advance when the market moves against the trade(s) you make.

How to install:

Guardian Angel is native to the Webtrader platform powered by CMTrading – meaning, no action is required to activate it. GA is free for all users (live accounts only).



Login (or sign-up) to your CMTrading account
Guardian Angel



On your dashboard you’ll receive Guardian Angel popups
Guardian Angel



Scroll through available options (i.e Autochartist)
Guardian Angel



Receive better trading opportunities in real-time
Guardian Angel
For MT4 users, you will need to download the application and install it on your PC/Laptop.

Important to note: 

GA is not available on mobile app 

GA is currently only available in English 

Open your account today and get access to the Guardian Angel add-on for free. 

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