Sirix review

Sirix review
CM Trading’s take on Sirix- why is it so popular?

If you’ve spent any time looking through our website, you must have noticed the Sirix Forex platform. Below is our guide to everything you wanted to know about this platform, why it's so popular, and what our experts think about it in our comprehensive review.

What is Sirix?

Sirix is a Forex trading platform, which can be accessed via web, mobile or tablet versions. Leverate, the Company who developed this highly popular platform, is a tech and turnkey solutions company with an excellent reputation and years of experience. This platform is coded in HTML 5.0, so it’s stable across most browsers.

The different options of the Sirix Forex platform

While Sirix remains primarily a web-based application, it also offers mobile and tablet options, so let’s look at them separately.

Web browser

As browser-based platforms go, the Sirix Forex platform offers a user friendly interface. The charting area is plain and simple to use, and can be expanded to full screen mode to save your eyes. Indicators can be added in just a few clicks, and it’s overall a very intuitive interface to use.

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Tablet and Mobile:

As it is an HTML based platform, the tablet and smartphone additions can be used on any HTML compatible device including Apple products and Android. This wide range of support is what makes the Sirix Forex platform very versatile for users.

It’s never quite ideal trading on a small device simply due to limited screen size, which is why CM Trading generally recommends opening apps in a web browser if possible. Charting is, however, superior on the Sirix Forex platform compared to most other mobile trading options, as it shows a full screen on the device, which makes it a lot easier to trade on. If you’re looking to trade on the go, this may well be the right platform choice for you due to its user friendly interface and great reviews.

Why us CM Trading’s Sirix Forex platform?

The Sirix trading platform offered through CM trading is worth exploring for a good few reasons:

  • It’s simple and easy to navigate, with all instruments listed clearly on the left of the screen
  • It has intuitive functionality
  • Indicators can be added in just a few clicks, as well as charting studies (such as the Fibonacci extension)
  • Social trading functionality, while not in-depth, is built in directly
  • Built in real-time news feed

If you’re looking to join CM trading’s success, the Sirix Forex platform offers a simple and intuitive interface that’s easily accessible across all modern devices, making it a great choice. Open an account today and see for yourself!

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