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CFDS Expirations


Trading CFDs is a great way to take advantage of price fluctuations in the financial markets. It’s important to note that the CFDs listed here have an expiration date as specified in the calendar below.

Expiration rollover: How it works

A few days prior to the official expiration, a new contract of the same underlying instrument will be launched and opened for trading. Once the new contract is opened for trading, the old contract will only be available for closing positions.

What this means for you

If you are holding a position in any expiring contract, you are kindly requested to rollover your position in the old contract by closing them and opening the position again under the new contract.

Closing dates on MT4 are usually 1 week prior to the expiration date.

Symbol Current Contract Name Expiry date Close Date on MT4 New Contract Name Open Date on MT4
COTTON NO. 2 FUT COTT2-MAY21 5/6/2021 5/2/2021 COTT-JUL21 5/2/2021
IBEX 35 FUT IBEX-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 IBEX-JUN21 5/9/2021
CORN FUT CORN-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 CORN-JUL21 5/9/2021
WHEAT FUT WHEAT-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 WHEAT-JUL21 5/9/2021
COFFEE Coffe-May21 5/18/2021 5/16/2021 Copp-Jul21 5/16/2021
LIGHT CRUDE OIL CL-JUN21 5/20/2021 5/16/2021 CL-JUl21 5/16/2021
COPPER Copp-May21 5/26/2021 5/23/2021 Copp-Jul21 5/23/2021
NATURAL GAS NGAS-Jun21 5/26/2021 5/23/2021 NGAS-Jul21 5/23/2021
Hang Seng Index FUT HANG-MAY21 5/28/2021 5/23/2021 HANG-JUN21 5/23/2021
BRENT CRUDE OIL FUT BRENT-JUL21 5/28/2021 5/23/2021 BRENT-AUG21 5/23/2021
Current Contract Name Expiry date Close Date on MT4 New Contract Name
COTT2-MAY21 5/6/2021 5/2/2021 COTT-JUL21
IBEX-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 IBEX-JUN21
CORN-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 CORN-JUL21
WHEAT-MAY21 5/14/2021 5/9/2021 WHEAT-JUL21
Coffe-May21 5/18/2021 5/16/2021 Copp-Jul21
CL-JUN21 5/20/2021 5/16/2021 CL-JUl21
Copp-May21 5/26/2021 5/23/2021 Copp-Jul21
NGAS-Jun21 5/26/2021 5/23/2021 NGAS-Jul21
HANG-MAY21 5/28/2021 5/23/2021 HANG-JUN21
BRENT-JUL21 5/28/2021 5/23/2021 BRENT-AUG21

If old contracts are not closed by the end of trading on the expiration date, CMTrading reserves the right to close position(s) at the last available market price and not re-open positions under the new contract.