April 25, 2024

Best MT4 indicators

April 25, 2024

MT4 Indicators

Standard MT4 charts might not always offer all the information you need for the best, most successful trades. More often than not, using MT4 indicators can be very helpful and it can make it easier to narrow down the best buy-sell signals. In addition, adequate MT4 indicators can help you analyze the price dynamics, learn more about trends, and volatility, but also figure out any exit or entry points.

You always need to assess the free MT4 indicators and see what value they can provide. Many of them are very accurate, and being able to use them can prove to be extremely helpful. It will take a bit of a trial and error to figure out what works and what to improve, but results can be highly efficient. Here’s a MT4 indicators list that can help you better identify the right solutions to fit your requirements.

Multi-timeframe CCI Indicator

This is one of the best technical indicators that you can use and it helps improve the efficiency of that regular CCI indicator. What it does is it relies on a top down approach and it shows CCI readings for 5 time frames. In doing so, it makes things much easier for traders to identify any oversold or overbought levels based on the time frames.

In addition, the indicator does a very good job of showing divergencies and that can end up offering a more reliable reversal signal. To make things even better, it simplifies the way you study information and it also enhances the trading process with color coding. Indicator analysis can be very complex, so color coding makes things easier and more cohesive here. So if you want to trade on the Forex market and need a great indicator, this can be a solid option.


The Moving Average Convergence Divergence indicator is a momentum indicator. You get to see the bollinger bands and the various relevant information that will help you study moving averages of prices. MACD is calculated via subtracting the 26 session EMA from the 12 session EMA. What that does is to will give you a way to identify when it’s ideal to sell and when it might be the better time to buy.

Money Flow Index

Money Flow Index is a very popular momentum indicator for MT4. The focus is on using a volume and price instrument to help predict current trends and how reliable they are. Moreover, the Money Flow Index is adding trading volume to the RSI. In doing so, you have a better understanding of how well something is selling, how fast it does sell, but also whether it’s the best time to buy or sell.

Trading decisions can be difficult to make. But with this tool, you have a direct analysis of the price. And once you get access to that, it becomes a much more comprehensive, powerful way of making the right choice and trading at the best value.

Lucky Reversal Indicator

The Lucky Reversal Indicator can help you see various buy and sell arrow signals in the main chart. It can work great with a variety of trading systems and strategies, and it can provide confirmation of trading exits or entries. There’s no denying that Forex trends are reversing all the time. However, it’s hard to know when a reversal takes place, as that’s when you either want to buy or sell for the best profits. That’s why the Lucky Reversal Indicator is a great option, because it shows you when the reversals are taking place, and you can act based on that information.

Volume Profile Indicator

With the Volume Profile Indicator, you can find the price levels where any price action is taking place. Trading activity with high volumes is associated with a reversal in prices. That being said, the indicator will give you accurate info about trading opportunities. You can also see when there are very high volumes of stocks being traded, which can be extremely hard to narrow down otherwise. Having a  snapshot of the volumes can help provide better trading opportunities, while minimizing losses.

1-2-3 Pattern

When you want to trade, using the best MT4 indicators free can be extremely helpful. With the 1-2-3 Pattern, you can access info that shows the trend direction. You can see potential exit points for a trend, resistance levels and other relevant information. You always want to use the best forex indicators for the utmost accuracy and results. However, the 1-2-3 Pattern is efficient because aside from showing the potential end of a trend, it can also show the new direction that trends are heading.

MT4 Indicators

10 Minute Trader

If you want to get the best buy sell signals, a good idea is to stick with a shorter trading timeline. In this case, the 10 Minute Trader indicator is a solid option. It shows the current trends, but also potential entry points, all of that covering a 10-minute time frame. The indicator is great to use, and it can be super useful when you want to get started with trading and ensure you are picking the right trend or opportunity.

Buy Sell Magic Indicator

Each time you want to use free MT4 indicators, it’s a good idea to try and opt for straightforward ones with accurate info. The Buy Sell Magic Indicator is just like that. It offers a very accurate trade reversal info, along with ideal signals to help you buy or sell at the right time. You will find this to be a very effective, comprehensive, but also quick indicator that helps convey a very good result and value too.

1Vs Channel

The 1Vs Channel is great for beginners and it can help you find the latest market trends. In addition, it plots 2 chart lines, and you can see when there is a downtrend or an uptrend. All of that information can help you save time, while pushing the boundaries and delivering a solid return on investment and great value. Plus, the best part is that it’s a free indicator for MT4. It’s a really good solution for any forex traders that want to know the relative strength index and also make a great trading decision.

Order Block Breaker Indicator

The role of this indicator is to help you find the right buy and sell Forex trading signals. It uses price exhaustion points as the way to narrow down when it’s ideal to acquire or sell stocks, depending on the situation. It can make it easier to identify the bearish and bullish price reversal zones. That alone can be extremely helpful, not to mention you can receive alerts whenever a new trading signal is available. All that info is extremely valuable, it helps quite a bit, while also saving a lot of effort and time too.

Auto Fibonacci Retracement

When it comes to free MT4 indicators that can be used for quick buy and sell opportunities, the Auto Fibonacci Retracement is a very good one. It can help enhance your analysis, plot ratios for the price charts, and there are no manual highs and lows. You will have a very accurate insight and precise plotting, all while removing a lot of the complexity. While it’s not perfect, the Auto Fibonacci Retracement is certainly worth using, and one of the top tools to help deliver great results like that.

Super Arrow Indicator

With the Super Arrow Indicator you can use different indicators embedded into a single package. What this does is it allows you to access multiple high winning signal trades. Specifically, Super Arrow Indicator combines the Magic Filter, Bollinger Bands, Relative Strength Index and Moving Averages. These are used to filter any false signals. You can also use this to narrow down the best indicators, all in an effort to provide the utmost value and quality.

Order Block Breaker

The Order Block Breaker is more geared towards experts, but it does offer you a way to identify significant selling or buying pressure areas. It can be very helpful to identify where the trading levels are located, but it also makes technical analysis a lot easier to do, while also saving time and effort. Moreover, you can use the indicator as a way to identify trading opportunities right after the price is breaking out from the order block.

Chandelier Exit

Once you use the Chandelier Exit indicator, you will find it easier to maximize trends and stay away from premature exits. It also has ATR based stop loss, along with adaptable entries, and you can focus on a variety of trend changes too. In addition, it has trailing stop/loss methods that can make it easier to secure profits while eliminating a lot of potential risks.

Stop Loss Take Profit

You can use this indicator as a way to access potential profits. The indicator will show the low and high for the previous day, and it will also show you the overall trends for the market. In addition, it will give you other info like the stop/loss levels, along with the entire price. And you can even see 3 take profit levels, each with its own risk-reward ratio. All of that information is very significant, and it can help save a plethora of time and effort, while also not having to rush.

ATR Trailing Stop Indicator

It’s possible to use this indicator as the means to identify any volatility, trends, but also entry and exit points. You will know the best time to trade, but also when to stop and cut losses. It can be a great tool for any Forex trader, because it allows you to protect the position thanks to the trailing stop loss. It’s a very efficient approach and one that can help convey a very good outcome every single time. Plus, the results delivered are second to none.

2X5 Ma Cross With Sound

It’s an indicator that uses 2 averages, the 2 period and 5 period. The thing to keep in mind here is that it offers signals whenever the averages are crossing. With its help, you can easily stay up date with the market movement. The information is very accurate, and this is one of the best MT4 indicators if you want to focus on short term or intraday trading. It’s not as ideal for long term trading, so keep that in mind. Plus, you can use any currency pair you want, for exceptional results and very good accuracy.

2 Bar Reversal

The indicator will help you identify the w-bar reversal candlestick formation. The indicator will help you identify the best buy/sell entries according to the pattern. It’s possible to enter trades that have a higher chance of generating profits. The indicator itself is very easy to customize as well, something that will help provide a very good and consistent value.

Market Profile with Trend Lines Indicator

As the name suggest, the indicator is focused on showcasing the trend lines, while showcasing the market profile. It does an excellent job at bringing you relevant, cohesive and up to date information. If you want a suite with the best MT4 indicators, this is definitely one that you need to check out. The quality that it provides and accurate recommend it as a very cohesive, professional indicator for MT4 users.

ABL Indicator

Once you use the ABL Indicator, you can easily analyze markets and access signals for the entry and exit points. You will find it very useful because it’s possible to identify trends and learn exactly when you need to take action. Whether you want to buy or sell, the indicator will give you accurate information that can be used for intraday and day trading. Plus, it works incredibly well with MT4, and it offers great customizability.

All in all, we think these are some of the best MT4 indicators that you can download right now. Getting the best Forex indicators and using them can prove to be a significant advantage. Not only will it allow you to improve your trading experience, but it can help uncover some exceptional trading opportunities. That’s why we highly recommend checking our MT4 indicators list and then pick the best indicators that can help you save both time and money!

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