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Your guide to MetaTrader 4 learn all about the basic features of the trading platform

MT4 is an advanced and versatile trading platform but beginner traders may find it difficult to utilize to its full potential. In this guide we’ll go through the main features and functions of MT4 to help expedite the process. 

Learn and improve risk-free with a forex trading demo app

If you want to improve your skills or familiarize yourself with the trading platform’s ins and outs, it’s best that you first sign up for a demo account. A demo account serves as a trading sandbox that mirrors the real market but allows you to trade with virtual money and no risk whatsoever.

What is a pip in trading: learn the basics of forex terminology

Trading the financial markets involves becoming proficient at making assessments based on current and historical data. However, in order to be successful at trading, you first need to start at the beginning and learn the most important terms you will encounter on your forex trading journey.

Polish your strategy with these 3 essential forex trading tips

Forex trading is an exciting endeavor in a market that never sleeps, has abundant opportunities to profit from and while the risk may be high, there are ways for you to play it safe and minimize your exposure to downside risk. Keep reading to learn the most effective ways to refine your strategy for more consistent results.

Derivative trading: options versus CFDs

Options contracts and CFDs are both derivative markets that can be utilized to trade a variety of financial instruments. However, there are key differences between the two markets and arguably, one might be more advantageous than the other.   

Dow Jones index woes amid renewed trade war

Trump escalates trade war with a new round of tariffs and now China fights back by suspending all agricultural U.S imports. As a result, the dollar takes a dive while the global economy takes a turn for the worse. 

Why and how leverage can help you increase your trading profits

Leverage is an invaluable tool in financial trading since it provides you with purchasing power far beyond what your current capital allows. However, using leverage or trading on margin does pose some risks since it’s possible to increase both potential profits but losses as well.

Bitcoin in South Africa: a new safe-haven asset

Bitcoin and other altcoins in the crypto basket have been increasing in popularity in South Africa amid concerns regarding the country’s poor outlook. With the South African economy on a continuous downward spiral and foreign investors jumping ship, South Africans appear to be turning to Bitcoin trading in order to weather the deteriorating economic climate. 

Noteworthy stocks to watch in 2019

The unstable global economy and the deteriorating investor sentiment is pushing for diversification and better risk management. Let’s have a look at which stocks offer the best exposure in the markets while keeping risks low

Your guide to trading the commodities markets

Naturally occurring commodities such as gold and oil and even agricultural ones like sugar and coffee are indispensable for global trade and the world’s economy. While the prices of commodities can fluctuate greatly depending on the season and the market sentiment, investors can find favorable opportunities in this diverse asset class all year round.


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