Match the Right Currencies and see your Profits Soar

The forex exchange market is made up of individual currencies from countries all around the world. What moves the currency markets is based on the concept of supply and demand.

Basically, what this means is that at any given time there is more of a demand for some currencies (meaning investors want to buy them) and more of a supply (meaning investors want to sell them) for others.

If you want to make sure you’re trading the right ones at the right time, you need to start analysing individual currencies first before you start looking at pairs.

Take for example, the EUR/USD pair, if you were to BUY this pair you are buying the Euro and selling the Dollar and if you were to SELL this pair, you are selling the Euro and Buying the Dollar.

So, on this basis, identifying which individual currencies are currently in demand and which are currently in supply will help you match the right two currencies together.

Demand for a currency is a signal of confidence in that country. Supply of a currency is the opposite and seen as a lack of confidence in the economy of that country.

Below are two of the main triggers that cause supply or demand for individual currencies:

    1.  Positive or Negative economic news

    2.  Political News in a country that is perceived as positive or negative

Let’s say we have a strong employment report in the USA, which means, more jobs and possibly higher wages.

This is positive news for the US economy and should strengthen the US dollar, so we want to BUY the Dollar.

It is important to identify what is happening other individual currencies that we want to match up our dollar with because if we are buying the dollar we have to be selling some other currency at the same pair.

Let’s use the EURO as an example, if we are considering trading the EURUSD we need to look at what is currently happening in the EURO zone?

    a. Strong (Euro)

Say we also have strong employment numbers from the Euro Zone. This would mean we have two strong currencies (Both the Euro and the Dollar).

If both are showing strong demand due to both countries having positive news it is best to avoid trading this pair has both will have demand which means they tend to cancel each other out.

In this circumstance we would look to find an alternative currency to trade against the dollar.

    b. Neutral (Euro)

If there is no positive or negative news currently coming from the Eurozone the EURUSD pair might be worth considering to trade.

We don’t have to be concerned with euro strength which is good but before we trade it, we might want to look for better alternatives.

    c. Weak (Euro)


If we have negative news from the Euro zone at the same time as positive news from the USA, this is the ideal match. We are buying a currency in demand (the US Dollar) and selling a currency in supply (the euro)

Strong versus weak is the ideal situation match. Always look to match a strong currency against a weak currency as this pairing offers the strongest opportunity that the trade will work out and the profits will follow.


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