Stock Markets Continue to SOAR

Stock Markets Continue to SOAR

Stock markets continue to hit new highs regardless of ongoing bad news.

The S&P as moved above 2900 giving it a return of over 12% since February this year. Can it keep going?

We are now in year 10 of a stock market bull run which is 3 years beyond a typical cycle. Investors and traders are getting nervous that this run could reverse and reverse in a big way.

Unfortunately you will need a crystal ball to identify when this is going to happen. There is no shortage of negative political and economic factors already happening or simmering in the background that would support a crash.

Fragile banks in Europe, high debt levels globally, interest rates rising in the US, trade wars, slower corporate earnings and a strong dollar strength won’t help the stock markets. But who is going to bet against this market NOW?

Buyers either through corporate share buy backs or retail investors pumping in cash on a belief that “this time is different” and stock markets can go to infinity.

Short term speculative buys at the right levels could work nicely here but a long term sell does not make sense unless there is clear sign of a reversal. When it happens, not if, you are looking at one of the biggest short in years.

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