CM Trading CopyKat Review

CM Trading CopyKat Review


Click here for an explanation on how to join the Sirix CopyKat community and find traders to watch and copy.

About CopyKat

CM Trading's Copykat is a social trading platform available within Sirix Webtrader. This platform enables each customer to decide what trading strategies to use – his/her own strategies or those of selected traders. A review of CM Trading Copykat will allow you to understand the advantage of becoming a part of a financial community with both beginner and professional traders. In this virtual space, every user can communicate with other users, but can also watch and copy professional traders' moves.

Usually social trading platforms tend to be somewhat complicated, with lots of users but no real strategies to learn from. Copykat is the exact opposite. Here are 3 key features that make this system so great:

  • 1. User friendly interface and easy access to information.
  • 2. Valuable information regarding trading strategies and profitable trades.
  • 3. A "Top Traders" search function where each user can choose a preferred financial asset, as well as a list of professional traders to follow and copy.


Join Us Now!

Sharing trading ideas with other users only makes sense if it generates real benefits. The financial community of Copykat easily meets those needs.

Benefits of CopyKat

  • 1. It's free. All you have to do is open an account with CM Trading, exchange ideas with other people and experience the trading world from a closer viewpoint.
  • 2. The best trading strategies. Copy professional traders with a click of a button and enjoy their trading experience. No need for complicated analysis, just copy & paste!
  • 3. Trade with small sums. Learn from the best and trade like a pro without risking large amounts. You can trade with small amounts and still have a chance of succeeding.

This review of CM Trading's Copykat has shown just how simple and easy it is to copy the best traders. Furthermore, we've seen the CopyKat system's many benefits and its user friendly interface. It allows users to discover a whole new world and an endless list of traders to learn from. We've learned the importance of joining the CopyKat community in order to stay on track and make a profit.

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